About Aljunaih

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. From early childhood, I was drawn to all things spiritual and pursued many avenues to find the answers to who I really am and what my true spiritual path is.

I was blessed to find my soulmate at the age of 21 and got married and had two wonderful daughters. I devoted the first 20 years of marriage to bringing up the children and assisting my husband to meet our financial needs through a corporate career, but always felt there was something more that I needed to do to satisfy a deep longing within me.

In 1993, I was introduced to Reiki by a close friend and an awakening and quickening began. After experiencing the wonderful healing effects of Reiki treatments and much encouragement from my friend Sheila Marley and the Reiki Master, Fae Tucker, I chose to study Reiki and go into Service.

In the year 2000, I was inspired to find a way to bring Reiki fully into the age of Aquarius by finding ways to add crystals, sound and colour to the technique. This lead me to study and practise Antaneea with Penni Du Plessis, a massage technique which assists in unblocking time gateways and releasing past and present issues. Antaneea uses specially attuned coloured oils and can be done in conjunction with Reiki. So now I had Reiki plus colour. I also did a colour reading course with Penni to give me deeper insight into the meaning and use of colour.

In July 2001, Jacqueline Freemantle, Head of the Alstar Quest, came into my life. Jackie showed me my true spiritual path and opened my eyes, mind and heart as to how we can all work together for the Greater Good.

In August 2001, the Earth was blessed with the gift of the Crystal Signatures. Jackie gave me all the information and training necessary for the work ahead and the technique for the Huana Crystal Signatures, Reiki for the Age of Aquarius, was born. The Crystal Signatures incorporate body work, crystals, colour and sound.

Five years after the introduction of the Huana Crystal Signatures, there are Teachers and Practitioners in South Africa, United Kingdom and New Zealand.