I thank Great Spirit and the Angels for heaping so many blessings upon me.

My love and gratitude also goes to:

Jackie Freemantle (Head of the Alstar Quest) for her ongoing support, love, encouragement and teaching.

Brian my husband and Angel Carpenter who, with great patience and unconditional love, translated my somewhat shaky drawings into beautiful wood carvings, all in perfect timing.

Fae Tucker for her unwavering support and unconditional love during some very difficult times. As my first Teacher, her patience and wisdom are an inspiration in all I do.

Julie Umpleby for completing my Reiki training and attuning me for the level of Reiki Master. Her friendship, support and unconditional love are a constant source of encouragement.

My Family: husband Brian and daughters, Traci and Samantha for their support, love and encouragement. Their faith in me could move mountains!

To all my students, past, present and future who enrich my life and teach me so much.


Independent Reiki Master & Alstar Practitioner
(Atlantean, Usui & Tibetan Systems of Natural Healing)