Huana Mini Oils

Our stunning pack of Huana Mini Oils make wonderful gifts for any occasion!

11 oils specially attuned with the beautiful Huana Crystal Signatures are packed in a box and come with simple explanations of the function of each oil. Click on “Oils and Sprays” for more details about each oil. The Minis do not have crystals in the bottle but are just as effective.

You choose the colour that most appeals at that time & after shaking well, you may either add 1 to 2 capfuls to your bath and have a glorious soak for 20 minutes or apply directly to the body after a shower. Either way you will feel more relaxed and ready to face your day.

You then work your way through the selection in the box until completed, giving you a taste of every Crystal Signature. When you find your favourites, you can then order the large bottles under “Oils and Sprays”.

To order these packs kindly email Aljunaih

If you would like to experience the full Huana Crystal Signature treatment, click on Practitioner Search to find a Practitioner close to you.