15th March 2007

Dear Disciples of the Light,

The Spiritual Journey, which took place from Friday the 9th March to Monday 12th March, was a great success.

On Friday we journeyed to the Augrabies Lodge (2km from the falls), where we were given very comfortable, well-appointed, air-conditioned rooms. The Lodge has a lovely ambience and has a good selection of meals to choose from to suit all appetites.

The next morning we met at the National Park and found the ideal spot on a platform right above the main waterfall. We were blessed with a moderate temperature and a light breeze during our meditation and activation (usually you can fry an egg on the rocks by 9am). We started the process at 10am to align with the date of the 10th. Afterwards, we dispersed and spent a few pleasant hours walking around the falls and exploring the reserve, then back to the Lodge for a refreshing shower and rest before dinner.

Sunday morning we set off to Kakamas and visited the Pienk Paleis (now called Die Pienk Stal) where we bought some lovely rose quartz to take home with us. I bought 18 medium pieces for a total of R20 and 2 big pieces for R10 – really good value! From there we went to Witsand and checked into the chalets. Each chalet is set apart in its own space so you feel as though you are deep in the Kalahari bush. Round the chalet were lots of squirrels, meercats and a few monkeys. Our chalet had a waterhole at which the buck drink in the early mornings.

After settling into the chalet, we went to the sand dunes on the back of a bakkie belonging to Cheryl Jacobs & her family, who are well acquainted with the area. Cheryl’s son and daughter moved the sand with their arms and the sand made an unmistakable growling sound of a lion. They call it a roar but as the sand was wet from the day before, we weren’t able to get it really loud. However, we were all amazed at what we heard. I expected a sort of sea sound but not at all! It was a low growl!

We formed a circle at the foot of the dunes and shared a visualization and then spent a good hour climbing the dunes and playing in the sand. It was wonderful! One of our group is in his mid seventies and he climbed the highest dunes twice without a problem! And they were steep! The next day none of us had any stiffness or discomfort from the exercise.

After the dune experience, we returned to the chalets and had a refreshing swim in the pool and then spent a lovely evening under the stars munching on delicious food lovingly supplied by Cheryl, Sharon and their families.

Monday morning we said goodbye to two of our group and joined Cheryl in Postmansburg for a wholesome breakfast at a local restaurant. Due to a few problems with our car, we then went to Kimberley and while we waited for the car repairs to be done, we went to the Big Hole and spent a few enjoyable hours looking around at the displays, film and went into the vault to see the diamonds. The Big Hole is very similar to Gold Reef City, only not as developed yet.

It was an honour and a privilege to work with such a special group of people and we are most blessed to be part of such a sacred and special process as the Instruments of the Light.

I give thanks to Great Spirit, the Kingdoms of Light, the Masters, Lord Horus and Jacqueline Freemantle, Head of the Alstar Quest, for all the support, assistance, information, love and blessings.

Love & Light,