Huana Crystal Signatures is a technique which brings Reiki into the Age of Aquarius using Bodywork, Crystals, Sound and Colour

  • Simple to understand and easy to use
  • No prior experience in Reiki required.
  • Clients choose the Signature they need by choosing a card or oil.
  • More clarity on the issues your client is holding
  • Interesting information given regarding karma, circle of life, various beliefs and traditions and much more
  • Compatible with all other forms of healing techniques.
  • Spread over 4 modules, one per month to allow for better integration and affordability.
  • 8 beautiful Signatures in the form of symbols and a stone circle for rebirth plus Reiki, form the base of this technique.
  • Students supplied with Master Crystals, fully illustrated manual, posters, cards and attunements per module – you can start using this technique after the very first module!
  • Lovely oils to match the Signatures are given to clients for bathing and or massage to enhance the treatment.
  • The effect of the treatment lasts 3 weeks, the symbol stays within the physical for life and is enhanced each time any of the Signatures are used on the body in subsequent treatments.
  • Certificate given after first module & updated with replacements as the course progresses.

The course consists of:

• history and background of the Signatures
• ethics and principles of Natural Healing as laid down by Dr Mikao Usui
• explanation of the chakras and the aura
• meditation to assist you to connect more easily
• how to attune the crystals
• cleaning and clearing the crystals
• how to heal with your hands
• training per Signature of which there are 8 plus a stone circle
• attunement per Signature; so you can begin healing work with them immediately

During the course you will receive:

• A fully illustrated manual in colour
• A set of Master Crystals per Signature
• A set of cards which assist in choosing the correct Signature for the client
• A set of posters for your healing room, illustrating the symbols
• Certificates stating that you have been trained in this technique

The course is made up of 5 modules done over 5 months (or adjusted to suit you and/or your group). The modules are 2 days each and 2 Huana Crystal Signatures are covered in each module. In module 5, we cover the Stone Circle for Rebirthing.

For further information or bookings, e-mail us.